Individual & Family Therapy

Austin Child Guidance Center (ACGC) is a trauma-informed agency, which provides services to children and families who are facing a variety of issues. These issues may include changes in the family (e.g. divorce), school anxiety, parenting challenges, oppositional behavior, or just helping parents and kids to develop a stronger relationship and improve communication. As a trauma-informed agency, ACGC experts provide the evidence-based treatments for children  and families who have experienced trauma, including abuse, neglect, medical trauma, natural disasters, bullying, and so on. These interventions include cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, solution-focused therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, child and family traumatic stress intervention and mindfulness techniques.

All services are provided in the context of family systems model, which views the child not in isolation, but rather as part of the family system where each member has a role and influence on every other member. In order to help you and your family, therapists will work with your family system to establish goals and action steps. Together with your therapist, you decide your desired changes, ways to achieve these changes, and a suggested time frame for achievement

Because we are interested in helping you and your child receive positive results as quickly as possible, we use a brief solution oriented focus, meaning the emphasis is on developing and finding workable solutions as opposed to spending an inordinate amount of time on why the problem developed in the first place. With hard work, the many families complete the intensive family and individual portion of treatment in less than three months.