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810 W. 45th Street Austin, TX 78751

Hours of Operation
Monday to Thursday — 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Friday — 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday — Closed.

News & Events

Welcome to ACGC News & Events. Here you will find information about ACGC events and activities, workshops and trainings, news, emergency information, and ACGC publications.   

Media Contacts:

Brittany Golden, Director of Development 


(512) 454-2242 


Learn more about ACGC through our blog. Hear from our leadership and staff, get connected to our clients, or be the first to learn about exciting new events and accomplishments at ACGC. 

Event Calendar 

Visit the ACGC Event Calendar to view events, search for details, register online, and share with friends. 

Client Stories

Hundreds of families reach out to ACGC each year seeking care and treatment. Through the generosity of thousands of donors, more than 150,000 children, teens, and their families received the help they needed.  

Community Education 

ACGC’s Community Education programs are designed for parents, caregivers, school districts, nonprofits, governmental entities, advocacy groups, community organizations, and individuals interested in improving the mental health of young people.  

Community Education events include parent workshops, panel discussions, and community-focused education events. 


ACGC is a highly respected training center for emerging and seasoned mental health professionals. Rooted in trauma-informed and evidence-based interventions, ACGC staff, interns, post-doctoral students, school districts, and community organizations have local access to professional training that works to improve the mental health of young people and their families.  

In the News 

Marketing services, publications, community relations, and media contacts are coordinated through ACGC’s Executive Leadership Team. Members of the media who have inquiries or need faculty expertise for articles or commentary may contact Brittany Golden at (512) 454-2242. 

In this section, you’ll also find extensive educational resources about our cause that we’ve collected through years of research. If you think of anything we’ve left out, please let us know.