ACGC provides limited in-person services at our office following Austin/Travis County COVID-19 guidance. Psychological Assessments are now available and teletherapy sessions will continue. 

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Donna Rolin

Donna Rolin

Dr. Donna Rolin is Clinical Associate Professor and the Director of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Texas with 21 years of experience in psychiatric nursing. She is co-leading inter-disciplinary graduate training initiatives with Schools of Nursing, Medicine, Educational Psychology, Social Work, and Pharmacy with funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board aiming to expand a culturally diverse workforce for underserved populations. She serves as the Co-Director of the Institute for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (IDVSA), working alongside Schools of Social Work, Law and Bureau of Business Research. Dr. Rolin’s current research focuses on wellness self-management for mental health promotion and the integration of telepresence robots in healthcare education.

Dr. Rolin serves on the national Board of Directors of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Dr. Rolin continues her clinical practice as a Psychiatric Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with a community-based group working with underserved patients with serious mental illnesses (SMI), neurocognitive disorders, and intellectual disabilities in outpatient, long term care, telepsychiatry, and inpatient psychiatric facilities. She acts as the SMI Nursing Expert on the American Psychiatric Association’s Clinical Support Services for SMI (CSS-SMI) Clinical Expert Team. Donna joined the board to support ACGC’s leadership in caring for underserved youth and families in Central Texas.