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Research has shown that one hour of counseling can help many people get started in a new direction. Walk-in mental health therapy, for children up to age 17 and their family members, is available Fridays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sessions are 50 minutes. Availability of therapists is on a first-come, first-served basis. We will try to serve all families who walk-in during the above hours. Services are available on a sliding fee scale (no insurance).

This service is open to current clients as well as those children and families in the community who have been unable to access traditional, ongoing therapy due to waiting lists. Parent consultation is offered to parents who are concerned about their child’s behavior and seek advice or direction. Any parent and child may access the services as many times as they feel they need, although the parent and child may not be seen by the same therapist in subsequent walk-in sessions.

For quality and training purposes, sessions may be observed by ACGC therapists and staff. In those instances, parents and children will benefit from input from several professionals. For additional information, please call (512) 451-2242.

Please note that walk-in services do not provide access to medications, psychiatric emergency services or follow-up psychiatric care. Individuals who are an immediate threat to themselves or others should be sent to the nearest psychiatric emergency room (PES 472-4357 or Shoal Creek 324-2029) or call 911.

We thank the Donald D. Hammill Foundation for their generous contribution to this initiative.

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