Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment services are paused right now.

When parents or professionals have questions they cannot answer about a child, including diagnosis and treatment recommendations, an assessment is often recommended. Common questions that may prompt an assessment include:

  • Why is my child having trouble with school?
  • Does my child have ADHD?
  • Does my child have an autism-spectrum disorder?
  • How can I best help my child?
  • Why is my child angry or sad so much of the time?

Assessment can also be particularly useful for understanding the impact of trauma on a child or adolescent. As a trauma-informed care center, our assessment team is sensitive to the impact of trauma on children’s functioning and is well-equipped to consider how trauma may impact behavior, learning, emotional regulation, and development. In addition to helping parents and professionals better understand a child or adolescent, psychological assessments are used to diagnose ADHD, learning disabilities, autism-spectrum disorders, depression, anxiety, and other emotional and behavioral difficulties.

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