2020 Group Therapy

* Our groups for the Spring semester are full. If you are interested in joining a group in future semesters, please submit interest below.

  • Austin Child Guidance Center (ACGC) offers therapy groups for both children and parents.
  • They last 1 ½ hours and are held in the evenings at ACGC on the corner of 45th Street and Lamar.  
  • Groups are offered on a sliding fee scale (insurance is not accepted).
  • ACGC offers multiple groups every semester, however, topics may vary. Typically we offer these groups: 

1.   Friendship Group : This 8-week group will help kids learn how to make and keep friends by learning skills for successful interactions with peers. This group also involves a caregiver component aimed at providing caregivers with strategies on how to help their children build friendships.

  • Who: Kids ages 6 - 8

2.   ​​​​​​​Behavioral Parent Training, Managing Difficult and Non-compliant Behaviors: This 8-week group is for English speaking caregivers of children 5-12 years old. This group will help caregivers of children with difficult to manage behaviors including noncompliance, ADHD- attention and hyperactivity issues, and disruptive behaviors. Parents will learn how to understand their children’s misbehavior, increase compliance, and decrease disruptive behavior.

  • Who: Caregivers of children 5-12 years old.

3.   Building Bravery Group: This 8-week group aims to provide children with the skills necessary to cope in a variety of anxiety-provoking situations. In the group, kids will learn how to understand their cues to anxiety and practice strategies to reduce worry.  Both kids and caregivers will leave this group with an understanding of anxiety and tools to master feared situations.

  • Who: Kids ages 8 - 10

4.   Dealing With Stress, Teen Group: In this skills-focused, 8-week group, teens will learn mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation skills to handle big emotions such as anger, depression, and anxiety.

  • Who: Teens ages 13 - 16
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