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There are times when a therapist working with a child may not always know or understand the exact nature of the problem that is being presented. In those cases, the therapist will work with other professionals on the team such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist. For example, a psychologist may be asked to see the child for a few sessions so additional testing can be performed in order to give a more in-depth picture of the child’s emotional state and cognitive functioning. The therapist may want the child to be seen by Austin Child Guidance Center’s psychiatrist if there is a question regarding the need for medication.

Although we offer psychiatric evaluations, this service is only available to those children who are already in individual or family counseling at Austin Child Guidance Center. Our psychiatrist is available only 10 hours a week and thus we must reserve that time for children already in service who may require that service and who may be able to benefit from medication. However, if a child receives medication through our agency they may only receive it so long as the child and family continue in therapy. Following the therapy and if the child still requires medication we will direct the child or family to their primary care physician.

Psychological services cost $125/hour and psychiatric services cost $150/hour. A sliding fee scale is available based on family size and income.

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