Success Stories

Austin Child Guidance Center helps hundreds of families a year. In its more than 65-year history, staff have touched the lives of many and made real differences. Below are a few examples of how we have helped families navigate life.

Learning Together

The director of a high-risk child development center served by Austin Child Guidance Center’s Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Project (IEC) contacted our IEC mental health consultant. The director was concerned about the well-being of Jackie, one of the toddlers in her service who had begun to display signs of aggression towards her peers. Jackie is the child of a low-income single mother. She had been in the child care center since just after her birth, and her sudden aggression was uncharacteristic of her usually mild temperament. The child care center director asked if the mental health consultant would come to the child care center to speak with Jackie’s mother.

Skills For Sam

Nine-year-old Sam was initially referred to Austin Child Guidance Center for individual therapy due to parental concerns over his difficulty relating to others, obsession with certain topics, sexual curiosity, apposition behavior, and family conflict around his behavior. Sam’s mother, Ms. J, was distressed about her perceived inability to change Sam’s behaviors, especially the oppositional behavior she engendered.

Initially, individual therapy focused on parent-child relational issues. Ms. J considered Sam’s behavior oppositional, intentional, and primarily directed at her. Over time, the therapist began to suspect that Sam’s behavior might be influenced by behaviors associated with autism.

Gio & Tina

What Our Clients Say

  • “We appreciate the sincere help and efforts given us through ACGC. I do believe seeds have been planted which will help our daughter later in life.”

  • “Our experience here has been phenomenal. Everyone was so kind and respectful! My son asks about when we are coming back every week, he truly looks forward to it”

  • “It is a very calming and relaxing place to tell someone about happy or sad things that have been going on in my life.”

  • “I got to express everything I got inside with someone I can trust really a lot.”