1950’s, 60’s and 70’s

In 1967, the Center entered into a contractual agreement with Austin Travis County MH-MR to provide that entity with their children’s mental health services. In late 1972 at the urging of Austin Travis County MH-MR ACGC deployed its personnel into the several Austin Travis County MH-MR Centers which were established to decentralize mental health services throughout the community. While the concept of more easily accessible service was viewed as important, the ACGC Board was concerned with the potential decrease in quality of service delivered to the child and adolescent client. As a result, the contractual relationship between ACGC and MH-MR ceased in 1975 and the Child Guidance Center began independent operations in a new location on September 1, 1975. In 1976 the Center was the first mental health agency in the area to develop services to deal specifically with children who had been sexually abused.