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Since 1951, the Austin Child Guidance Center (ACGC) has been a leading provider of affordable, quality mental health services for under-served children and families.  With your pledge, you will ensure that a family’s finances are never a barrier to care.  As an ACGC Voices for Children Giving Society member, you will help children and our community flourish.

  • 65% of people report experiencing one or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse* 
  • Multiple ACEs are correlated with negative health outcomes including increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and major mental health issues*
  • Left untreated, childhood mental health disorders are likely to persist and lead to a downward spiral of school failure, limited job opportunities and poverty as adults.
  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in youth ages 10-24•
Member Benefits
  • You are investing in the future, so no child seeking care will be turned away
  • Your generosity will be recognized on/at:
     - ACGC Voices for Children Giving Society (VCGS) tree
     - ACGC VCGS website (below)
     - Events
     - Annual report
  • Invites to exclusive ACGC giving society events for you and your friends
  • Invites to annual coffee meetings with ACGC’s Executive Director, Kristen Pierce-Vreeke
  • ACGC Voices for Children Lapel Pin
  • Tax deductions for 100% of your ACGC VCGS contributions.
Help kids flourish and pledge today.

At just $83 per month for three years, you can make a difference in the lives of children forever.  Giving society membership involves pledging to support Austin Child Guidance Center at an amount of $1,000 to $10,000 annually for three or more years, active from the date of the pledge.  You have the option to fulfill your commitment monthly, quarterly or annually in any of the following ways:

  • Online Pledge Form for Monthly Installments. For Quarterly or Annual Installments please contact
  • Check made payable to:  
    Austin Child Guidance Center
    810 W. 45th Street, Austin, TX 78751
  • Phone: 512-451-2242
  • Company matching programs through your employer (call number above)

For questions, please call 512-451-2242 or email to

Thank you to our ACGC Voices for Children Giving Society members who are making a difference today:

Honorary Chair: Kendall Antonelli

  • Amiee & Ed Cunningham
  • Andy Krupp
  • Ann B. McIver
  • Annmarie and Jerry and Aksland
  • Beth Marsh
  • Brenda Barrett
  • Cynthia Treglia and Dr. James Maynard
  • Deanna Brittain
  • Denise Hoos
  • Diane and Calvin Streeter
  • Dolly and Ed  Golden
  • Dr. Kevin and Dr. Anne Spencer
  • Elizabeth Crook and Marc Lewis Foundation
  • Eric & Jessica Boston
  • Felicia and Alan Reed
  • Frank Schubert
  • Irene & Alex    Shoghi
  • Jill and Russell Smith
  • John Dickerson
  • John Harcourt and Sue Ellen Stavrand
  • Kali & Dan Rourke
  • Katy Hackerman and Corky Logue
  • Kelly and Richard Topfer
  • Kendall and John Antonelli
  • Kristin and Richard Pushkin
  • Laura and Billy Tweedie
  • Laura and Eagle Robinson
  • Libby and Lloyd Doggett
  • Lisa Degraff
  • Maggie Coleman and John Knowles
  • Margene and Pat Beckham
  • Mary and Steve Knight
  • Maxine Roberts
  • Melanie Walter-Mahoney
  • Michael and Renee Hanson Malone
  • Michelle and Gregg Philipson
  • Miriam and David Zodikoff
  • Molly and Tom Copa 
  • Nici Huff
  • Paula and Lee Aaronson
  • Randy Sabbagh and John Shearer
  • Ross and Tami Anders
  • Ryan & Jennifer Jamison
    Sarah Swords
  • Sharon and Bob Guess
  • Sondra and Keenan Lehmann
  • Studio 8 Architects
  • Tatiana    Calliham
  • Topfer Family Foundation
  • Vicki Roberts