Become an ACGC Voices for Children Giving Society member today

Children and youth who have mental health needs face tremendous challenges – it doesn’t need to be that way.

Austin Child Guidance Center is dedicated to providing quality mental health care to children and youth – regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

That is where the Voices for Children Giving Society steps up to support children in a very significant way. This is a passionate group of loyal Austin Child Guidance Center donors who are committed to helping children and youth receive the mental healthcare they need to thrive.

You can become a Voices for Children member by giving a minimum of $1,000 annually ($84/month). In addition to the joy of helping a child when they need you the most, you will:

  • Increase access to ACGC services and programs such as individual and family therapy, group sessions, psychologists, medication management, family resource navigators, and trauma-informed therapy for children and families in financial need,
  • Enjoy special access to ACGC events and programs for you and your friends,
  • Receive regular Voices for Children Updates from Executive Director, Kristen Pierce-Vreeke,
  • Have your name engraved in the Voices for Children Giving tree at our physical office, and
  • Be listed on the ACGC website as a Voices for Children Giving Society member.

How can you become a Voices for Children member?

  • Sign up for Automatic monthly payments of $84 ($1,000/year) or more
  • Make a one-time online donation of $1000 or more
  • Mail a check to: Austin Child Guidance Center, 810 W. 45th Street, Austin, TX  78751. Indicate Voice for Children Giving Society in the memo line.

Questions? Contact our Development Team at or (512) 451-2242.

As a Voices for Children member, you can lighten the load for children and families in need.


Thank you to our ACGC Voices for Children Giving Society members who are making a difference today:

Honorary Chair: Kendall Antonelli

  • Amiee & Ed Cunningham
  • Andy Krupp
  • Ann B. McIver
  • Annmarie and Jerry and Aksland
  • Beth Marsh
  • Brenda Barrett
  • Cynthia Treglia and Dr. James Maynard
  • Deanna Brittain
  • Denise Hoos
  • Diane and Calvin Streeter
  • Dolly and Ed  Golden
  • Dr. Kevin and Dr. Anne Spencer
  • Elizabeth Crook and Marc Lewis Foundation
  • Eric & Jessica Boston
  • Felicia and Alan Reed
  • Frank Schubert
  • Irene & Alex    Shoghi
  • Jain and Scott Thompson
  • Jill and Russell Smith
  • John Dickerson
  • John Harcourt and Sue Ellen Stavrand
  • Kali & Dan Rourke
  • Katy Hackerman and Corky Logue
  • Kelly and Richard Topfer
  • Kendall and John Antonelli
  • Kristin and Richard Pushkin
  • Laura and Billy Tweedie
  • Laura and Eagle Robinson
  • Libby and Lloyd Doggett
  • Lisa Degraff
  • Maggie Coleman and John Knowles
  • Margene and Pat Beckham
  • Mary and Steve Knight
  • Maxine Roberts
  • Melanie Walter-Mahoney
  • Michael and Renee Hanson Malone
  • Michelle and Gregg Philipson
  • Miriam and David Zodikoff
  • Molly and Tom Copa
  • Nancy Abraham 
  • Nici Huff
  • Paula and Lee Aaronson
  • Randy Sabbagh and John Shearer
  • Ross and Tami Anders
  • Ryan & Jennifer Jamison
    Sarah Swords
  • Sharon and Bob Guess
  • Sondra and Keenan Lehmann
  • Studio 8 Architects
  • Tatiana    Calliham
  • Topfer Family Foundation
  • Vicki Roberts