Board & Staff

Our Board Officers
Our Board Members

ACGC is always looking for the right volunteer leadership to continue the mission and vision of the agency.  You can make a meaningful difference as a board member.  If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, click HERE. Other important ways you can contribute include sponsorship, donations and volunteering


Our Leadership Staff


Glenda Matthews, M.D., Psychiatrist Keri Moran, LCSW Asha Unni, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
Sara Wakefield, LCSW Evelyn J. Azuela, LPC Tameka Thompson, LPC
Lindsay Evans, Ph.D. Chloe Picot-Jacobs, LMSW Catalina Mancera
Lea Kruger, LCSW Melissa Erb, LCSW Eddie Martinez
Emily Woody, LMSW Brittany Golden, LMSW Agustina Ponce
Moriah Looten, LCSW-S Nathan Clarkston Delia Quilumbaqui
Veronica Villegas, LPC-I

Emeritus Board Members

Paula Aaronson David Jaso Beeman Phillips, Ed.D.
Erasmo Andrade Lynn Roth Jordan Phyllis Richards, Ph.D.
Cherry Bartlett Kathryn Kramer, Ph.D. Philip Sanders
Margene Beckham John B. Lay Frances Schenkkan
James L. Boynton, M.D. Beth Marsh Michael J. Schless
Johnnie Cavanaugh James Maynard, M.D. Arthur Shelton
Dale Chrisman Missy McCarroll David Springer, Ph.D.
Charles Cleland, Ph.D. Bruce Mills James Steed
Jon N. Coffee Jim Myers Calvin Streeter, Ph.D.
Maggie Coleman, Ph. D. Sherry Morgan George Villalva
J. Chrys Dougherty Phyllis Nelson, LCSW Lynn Walker
Jim Evans Thomas Oakland, Ph.D. Janet Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Susan Holman Ruthie Oliver David Zodikoff
Ira Iscoe, Ph.D. Paul Paulsen, M.D.