Now Hiring: Clinical Director

Position Title:

Clinical Director

Date Posted:

October 18, 2006 (Open Until Filled)

Role Summary:

The Clinical Director, working with and reporting to the Executive Director, will be responsible for the overall delivery of psychotherapy services to children and families and will assist in the development and implementation of the agency’s movement toward a joint university-practice based center with emphasis on training students and professionals in the use of evidence-based practices. The Clinical Director will provide leadership and ensure clinical supervision and professional development to all clinical staff within the agency; assist with management of grants, contracts, and programs; and participate in community organizations and initiatives. Working strategically as a member of the agency’s management team, the Clinical Director will be responsible for ensuring that the highest standard of clinical care is delivered through evidence-based practices and that clinical operations are in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations and JCAHO accreditation standards for behavioral health care.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Operational Leadership
    • Use the resources of the agency to deliver, in both quality and quantity, the activities and targets agreed to and defined by various grants, contracts, and the board of directors.
    • Liaison with administrative and clinical staff to ensure that activities across the agency are appropriately coordinated and integrated.
    • Responsible for the efficient and effective use of assigned budget(s) to deliver the agreed contract(s), monitoring budget for efficient deployment of the agency’s resources, and negotiating budget and funding issues as needed in coordination with the Administrative Director.
    • Establish a working relationship with external partners to ensure that the needs of clients across services are met.
    • Develop systems to provide clinical information to staff to enable them to benchmark and audit their clinical practice so as to improve the client’s outcome experience with the agency.
    • When appropriate, engage in opportunities to provide direct clinical services.
    • Responsible for performance management, including appraisal and review of job plans, for therapists in the agency; and ensure that personnel development plans are in line with agency objectives.
    • Function as the clinical team leader, fostering both executive leadership in directing and implementing agency policies and procedures and legislative leadership, i.e. an open and inclusive style of management to facilitate team communication and collaboration.
  • Professional Leadership
    • Identify and make provision for the training and development needs of all agency staff as agency moves forward in the implementation of evidence-based practices.
    • Promote research activity in the agency, including program evaluation.
    • Ensure the highest standards of clinical effectiveness in the agency, including adhering to local and national standards or regulations (e.g., JCAHO, HIPAA).
    • Develop and continually review the agency’s vision and strategic plans and be responsible for the delivery of those strategic plans with the agency, including strategies for auditing clinical services, clinical risk management, and public and client involvement.
    • Maintain an appropriate balance between delivery of services, professional development, and research.
    • When appropriate, be available to act as a spokesperson for the agency with the media in regard to child and family mental health issues.
  • Strategic Leadership
    • Constantly review the performance of agency programs, use vision to redesign services as necessary, and negotiate support for implementation of new policies and for development of new services.
    • Function as a member of the organization’s leadership team with responsibility to contribute to strategic development as well as for operational excellence.
    • Advise the Executive Director of clinical priorities and pressures on agency staff under his/her direction, and be an active participant in local development plan negotiations.
    • Work in partnership with other organizations to ensure collaboration and coordination of client services and staff policies across the local systems serving children and their families.
    • Liaison with university programs that train students and professionals on evidence-based practices.

Critical Skills and Qualifications:

  • Qualifications
    • Minimum of a Master’s degree, preferably a Ph.D., in the mental health field.
    • Experience in leadership roles in organizations.
    • Licensure at the highest level possible in discipline.
    • Five or more years providing direct clinical services to children and families.
    • Five or more years experience as an approved supervisor by a recognized licensing/certification agency.
    • Trained or certified in one or more evidence-based practices used by the agency (e.g., motivational interviewing, brief therapies, manual-based family therapies).
    • Knowledge of major computer applications.
  • Critical Skills:
    • Ability to analyze data, produce reports, and manage grant and contract budgets.
    • Ability to function in a management capacity.
    • Clinical and organizational expertise in program conceptualization and implementation.
    • Leadership abilities.
    • Knowledge of current trends in children’s mental health services and use of evidence-based practices.
    • High level of integrity, trust and cultural sensitivity.
    • High level of recognition and respect in the professional community.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Salary Range

Negotiable based upon experience.

To Apply:

Submit resume and cover letter, including minimum salary requirements, by email to or by mail to Austin Child Guidance Center, Attn: Human Resources, 810 W. 45th Street, Austin, Texas 78751.